Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm a slob. A mess. I run around like a chicken with my head cut off, and would likely leave the baby at home if he weren't quite so loud (ok, that part is an exaggeration). But seriously. I start planning dinner around 5:30, Daniel works hard and then come home and helps clean. Our laundry piles. Food rots in the fridge 'cause I hate to cook. I'm a mess. I'm a good mom. I'm an awful housewife.

I've been trying lately. And I am going to make an effort to pua daily to do list on here and then check it off. We'll see how that goes. I need accountability people!

So. Monday January 18, 2010.
Make bed (yes, that's on my to do list. Because I don't do it).
Empty Dishwasher
Put ALL laundry away
CLean up toys
Put decorations back on shelves (post-Christmas)
Exercise somehow
Play outside with jack
Do project/craft/activity with Jack
Cook Dinner
Make Grocery List
Make weekly dinner plan
Put out food for tomorrow
Grocery shop
Declutter 15 minutes (trying to do Flylady..again)
Lay out clothes for me and J for tomorrow
Check bank account
Budget with Daniel
Email Priscilla
Letter to Markale

EDITED 1/21/10 OK, so this wasn't perfect, but I did pretty darn good that day. I just need to keep doing it:-)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Year in Review 2009 edition

This year was a HELL of a lot better than 2007. And while it didn't have the highs (Jack!) of 2008, it didn't have the lows either.

We had two great vacations (St. Augustine Beach and Mountains 2008-2009) and 1 OK one (Mountains 2009). Bought our super-duper adorable house. Had so much fun with our little boy and made a lot of great new friends because of him. We grew up a lot and became a family. We received more help and gifts and love than we could have ever asked for from our extended families. Jack had three new 2nd cousins born in 2009. We (think!) we found a church home. We had fun with friends at Halloween and Daniel and Jack dressed up in ADORABLE costumes. We built a fence. We boated (not enough!). "We" got a new boat. Jack and I are still nursing. Daniel had a great time at Spring Fling 2009. No one in my family has been seriously ill, and I am still blessed enough to have 4 living grandparents. We've had good luck with tenants.

On the other hand, we lost Magoo a few days ago. We had to give Lorelei away (I still regret that decision, and still can't think of an alternative). My sister lost her super-sweet Mollydog. It's been a bad animal year.

It hasn't been a perfect year, but it's been good. We've loved each other. And we'll do so in 2010.

Now I am looking forward to a quiet evening alone with Daniel and an early night for Jack:-) And I REALLY WANT TO WATCH THE BALL DROP, SO LET'S PRAY HE DOESN'T WAKE UP UNTIL AT LEAST 12:03!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On Daniel's Stocking

When my mom and dad were married, she made a special Christmas stocking for him. It was a pair of Santa Pants, made from felt, and had Tyrie written on the leg. They were adorable and I loved them when I was little.

When I was 10, my parents divorced. Mom kept the Santa pants. She dated some guy I didn't know about that first year, stuck a new piece of felt on, called it a pocket, and wrote his name.

The next year she started dating a man she'd eventually become engaged to (but they didn't ever marry). She added a new patch on top of the old, and wrote his name.

They broke up the year Daniel and I started dating (1998 if you care). So, that year, we added a new patch, wrote Daniel, and they've been his ever since. He LOVES his stocking.

Well, my sister thinks that when she gets married the pants should pass to her husband. Daniel says that they are his until I leave him or kill him(:P) Kelley says it's not fair for her to be left out of the tradition.

Regardless, it's a fun story and they are really cute pants. I'll try to find a picture. Or take one when I get home, as they're hanging on my fireplace. (Unless my sister stole them. She has been there alone with them for 4 days. Oops.)

Christmas Round-Up Part 1 (the crazy!)

There were tears. There were toys. There was a skateboard for the Monkey. There was a daddy who broke it. There was drinking. Lots.

Christmas began on the 22nd in my little world. That's when Daniel, Jack and I went to my dad's house for Christmas dinner. My little sister, Kelley, was supposed to be there. But, snow in Amsterdam caused her to miss her flight, and she ended up stranded with our cousin kat for a few extra days (she made it home on the 23rd). Anyway, that Christmas was lovely. We got generous and practical gifts (wood to fill in the dock, a landscape plan, an Amazon gift card, a beautiful necklace, some tools), had a wonderful dinner (Rosemary Shrimp) and took lots of goofy pictures in lots of silly hats. The monkey had fun opening his presents and then went to bed calmly and happily.

On the 23rd we headed to the annual Christmas Trivia party at sMIL's best friend's house. Unfortunately, Jack fell asleep in the car on the way there. Sneaking him in failed, so he was up for the duration. Or until we were 1/2way into the game and he started having an utter breakdown. Oops. He was super-cute playing with his cousins, though, and we had a nice night.

The 24th, Christmas Eve, began with a whimper. Kelley had finally flown in the night before and due to a misunderstanding was mad at me. She was at my mom's house and they were supposed to come over and bake cookies. They didn't. Well, finally they did. Around 2. Along with my aunt. and 4 dogs. And it all failed. There were tears and fights and unpleasantness.

So, at 4, Daniel and the baby and I left to go to my in-laws to open presents, then church, then back to in-laws for dinner, then home to put baby to bed, then back to inlaws for more presents. Get all that? Yeah, we didn't either. Jack and his cousins opened presents early, as they'd be asleep with visions of sugarplums by the time everyone else opened presents at midnight. Or that was the plan. We didn't account for my child's sleep refusals or the drunken screaming mess I'd walk into when we went home to put him to bed. Let's start over.

My mom and aunt, sister, her boyfriend, and my mother's childhood friend/ex were all coming to my house for Christmas eve dinner. I wasn't going to be there.

We went to in-laws, the kids opened gifts, played, and then we went to church. GIANT CHURCH FAIL. HUGE. DISASTROUS. Jack wanted to run the aisles. Since that couldn't happen, he screamed. We spent the entire time in the Narthex. We left after communion. Headed back to my in-laws for dinner (where we got to see Jack's ADORABLE 2nd cousin, Alison) and where my child showed himself to be utterly incapable of sitting still for longer than 5.5 seconds. I know there was judging going on. At this point we were well past baby bedtime, so we took him home.

Home. Oh, the peacefulness of home on Christmas eve. Christmas lights in the windows, soft George Winston music playing.

Oh, right. Back to my life. We got home and dinner hadn't started (9pmish) and everyone was fairly wasted. Jack went to bed and my sister picked a fight with my husband over his Christmas stocking (which is a funny story deserving of a post all its own). Screaming, crying, threatening. Car keys found. Eventually, Jack woke up, the inlaws started calling looking for us to open presents, Jack didn't go back to sleep, so we all piled BACK into the car.

And opened gifts. Which were generous, and lovely, and we had a very nice time.

Then back in the car, back home, and we went to bed. (the drunks were still drinking, btw. no tears, though).

I'm tired just remembering and I think I need a nap. I'll finish this later. Or never. Who knows with me.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's Christmas Eve. My sister who has been in Amsterdam for 4 months is here. My mother, my aunt, sister's boyfriend. Daniel's working. I'm...tired. Of all of it. They're bossy and moody and opinionated. They're annoying as hell.

We (daniel, jack and I) have a long night ahead, and a long day tomorrow, and I don't want to deal with these people. I want my house with my family.

Not happening. Merry Christmas & Bah Humbug.

(I'll get a better attitude I promise).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fall Photos

Yes, I know I had pictures taken of Jack in October, but those were HALLOWEEN themed. And when Jess offered some mini-sessions at a great cost, this photo addict couldn't say no.

And a sampling:

Jack was busy (shocking I know), but the pics are wonderful. Thanks, Jess!

November 2009

Since I am awful, awful AWFUL about blogging, I'm doing November all-in-one.

So, first was the Sibling Rivalry Car Show (Toyotas and Scions). Daniel has to go, so we dressed Jack in his cute MR2 outfit and off we went.

First, Jack had to help Daddy work on the car

And drive the car

OK, daddy, you can sit here, but I'M driving!

Then...NAKED BABY! This kid won't keep a diaper on for 7 seconds anymore.

We got a package?!


What's in it???

It makes a good chair!


And with clothes on, playing with the neighborhood kids:

(a six year old, a pair of 4 year olds, a pair of 2 year olds, and an 18 month old and Jack. We have fun!)

I love my Moe!


Attacking poor Little N at Doing Dishes pottery studio. We made cute stuff though!

In St. Augustine for the Lighting of the Town

Canon rides!

Present Rides!

Dancing with mommy

I found a leaf!

Family portrait;)

From November 2009 Favorites

And the tree was lit and we went home and went to bed.

Then, Thanksgiving. Which means food, family, and...hunting. Daddy killed a big buck (ask him, he'll tell you!)

Daddy, Jack, and Grandpa

Deer rides!

And then off to see Grammy Duck in Lake Wales

Feet in the lake

Cousin buster...covered in sand.

Sand is HARD to run on!


And then, off to the Christmas tree lot (same place as the pumpkin patch) with friends!

MOM, I want to go through here!

Pretty ornament!

Friends (taking a photo of 4 14 month olds is HARD!)

Jack in a wreath

We mean it. Really!

And then we went home to give Daddy BIG kisses before he left for a week.

So, forgive the awful header. I will fix it when I get pro photos done by Karen tomorrow. And now, i'll blog:-)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Jack Swimming, Part 2

Here's a montage made by his instructor of him swimming and floating. The black suit he's in is a footie pajama, NOT a wetsuit!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Swim Test

I think sometimes I don't blog because...I don't blog.

No, really. I go so long, and have such a backlog of things I "need to post about" that I don't until I have the time/energy/inclination to catch up. So...screw it.

Today, finally, after what feels like most of his life (and was, in fact, about a fifth of it) we had day 1 of Jack's swim test. Swimming has been...interesting. We had a rough start with the screaming and the hating and the sick. Then it got better. Then the instructor was sick. Then Jack was sick.

And, so, the last 2 weeks have been intense. And good. Jack is doing really well now. It took some effort (basically, he knew he wasn't going to be allowed to drown, so he'd just hang under water until the teacher would get him. A very few extra second pause convinced him to come on up.) He pops right up no matter how you put him in and floats on his back. Today he was tested in a real (disposable) diaper and a pair of thick, fleecey footy jammies. He did great. Really. She dropped in so his feet touched the bottom of the pool and he was up and floating in seconds.

Tomorrow he goes in with shoes and jeans and a sweater and a cloth diaper. Oh my! But I have faith in my boy. I do.

I know some people have issues with ISR classes. I get it. I mean, I don't let my child cry. I wear him, I hold him, I play with him, I sleep with him. And I put him in swim classes where he's cried 10 minutes a day, most days, for weeks. But I have 3 thoughts on it: 1) I live on the water, spend time on the water, and spend time in pools. I also have a very adventurous, climby son. While I don't think sleep is worth his tears, his life is. 2) I've been with him every minute. Ten feet or less away, telling him what a good job he's doing. What a big boy he is. He knows I'm there. He may not like what he's being asked to do, but he knows I'm there. 3) He still LOVES the water.

My mom did these classes with me, and I've loved the water my entire life. They're safe. They're tested. They're only in 10 minutes at a time, one on one with an instructor (Jack's is a nurse). And I know that if against all odds my baby sneaks out of the house and over the fence while my back is turned, he can float himself to at least give me a chance to find him. As my father-in-law says about what he did when my (very adventurous, very climby) husband went missing as a child "you always start at the water, as it has the most risks, and work your way up". ISR is just giving me a few minutes to get there.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

$1000 Emergency fund

The 1st Dave Ramsey step is to create an emergency fund. A small one. We sort-of, kind of have a decent one, but it's VERY tied up and we don't really want to go into it...ever:-) So this is supposed to be easily accessible money.

Well, we did that. Then our water pump (the one I spend $200 fixing in September. We replaced it yesterday) broke. And this thought went through my head:
"Our emergency fund is so pretty, I don't want to go into it to fix the pump. We should use a credit card."

Seriously. I said that to myself. How freaking backwards is THAT kind of thinking???

LOL. I think I need the FPU class.


I'm a Southern girl, so I'm not sure I should mention money in my (semi) public blog. But...oh, well.

Anyway, between 2 houses, a never-ending list of things that break, a baby, 2 dogs and a horse, and my out of control spending...we're having a few minor financial issues. Nothing major, but we need to get things under control before major happens.

I need to stop spending.

And it would be really nice if I could make some money.

Here are the issues with that (not in order of importance): 1) though I have several degrees, they're kind of worthless unless I want to practice law. I don't. 2) I firmly believe that what is best for me and for Jack is that I'm home with him. I know some parents have to work outside the house. I know others LOVE to work outside the house. I envy that second group! But, I have wanted to stay at home with my kids since I was one. And while I'm sometimes whiny, I love it. I love almost every minute of it. And I think I'm pretty good at it.

So, I have tried to have my little design business. And while the customers I've had have been more than satisfied, there haven't been a lot of them. I'm not completely giving up on that (anyone want a christmas card, photo book or family tree????), but I certainly can't count on it.

I applied for a job. The perfect job. The part-time nanny of a 14 month old boy and the parents are fine with the nanny bringing her own child(ren). I have NO IDEA if they'll even contact me, much less hire me, but that would be so much fun and I'd make a little extra money without having to be away from Jack. We'll see. At least I tried.

I've been wanting to go back to school. I know, finally, 100% what I want to do with my life. I want to be a counselor. I've known for 9 years I wanted to do something with Psychology, but I just to think I wanted to be more research oriented. After all of the craziness in my family the last few years, I know I want to help people who are going through emotional issues. I just don't know when! I want to have more children. I want to be a full-time mom while they're young. I'd love to counsel 3/4time once they're in school, but how do I do the education part now. And WHY did I go to law school, when I KNEW I wanted a degree in Psychology. I could have worked for 3-4 years already and not be in this position. Oh, well. Looking back does no good.

Anyway...that's where I am. Oh! And Daniel and I are attending Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University classes. They're kind of helping.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween was extraordinarily busy this year. The Florida/Georgia game (aka the World's Largest Cocktail Party) was on Halloween and as a rabid Gator fan, we must watch. We also must sell parking in my grandfather's law firm parking lot (about .75 mile from the stadium). We make about $500 in 2 hours. We just can't pass it up.

But, first, PICTURES! Because, well, I'm addicted. So we got all ready and headed to my friend J's house for her halloween luncheon/Halloween pictures with Sara.

After a few minor costume mishaps (Daniel's had to be glued back together, and Jack's made him cry), we had pictures taken.

Then, J's luncheon, which was a ton of fun. Lots of kids in lots of cute costumes and lots of yummy food of which Jack ate lots.

And then to downtown Jacksonville to sell parking. It seemed slow, which apparently was because we raised our prices overly high (I thought we charged more last year than we did). We eventually sold out though (and THEN figured out our prices were too high), and headed to my stepmom's house to watch the game - we needed some down time!

The gators won, as we will, and we got BACK in the car to come home, and go to our cute little neighborhood's cute little Halloween party. With cute food. And drinks. With alcohol. Followed by trick or treating. Which Jack totally didn't understand, but he did LOVE following his friends around.

Before I get to the photos...I have to mention the costumes.

Daniel really REALLY wanted to team up with Jack and go as "Jack Daniels". I tend to prefer cute/pretty costumes (I do know I have a son, thanks) and so after much discussion we compromised on:

Daniel was "Jack in a bottle" and Jack was "Daniel's Jack in a box".

Our friend and neighbor "drinking" Jack Daniel's

Jack riding in the little jeep. He loves loves LOVES that thing and followed the big kids (2-6 year olds) until he got a ride.

Mommy and Jack

And, then, the night was over, and the costumes hung up for next time.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We've had a lot of fun with the Halloween build up.
From Halloween pics with Karen:

to a day at the pumpkin patch with Daddy:

(I don't think he liked it too much)

And another patch with friends:

Pretty much all I ever see of Jack:

Jack and Savannah

What's in there?

It's Jack!

A quick swing by the Whole Foods Halloween festivities and Petting Zoo:

And off to dinner with friends.

Today should be pretty darn busy as well!