Wednesday, November 11, 2009

$1000 Emergency fund

The 1st Dave Ramsey step is to create an emergency fund. A small one. We sort-of, kind of have a decent one, but it's VERY tied up and we don't really want to go into it...ever:-) So this is supposed to be easily accessible money.

Well, we did that. Then our water pump (the one I spend $200 fixing in September. We replaced it yesterday) broke. And this thought went through my head:
"Our emergency fund is so pretty, I don't want to go into it to fix the pump. We should use a credit card."

Seriously. I said that to myself. How freaking backwards is THAT kind of thinking???

LOL. I think I need the FPU class.


Laura said...

That's so great you have an emergency fund. We hope to have one someday soon. I probably would've thought the same thing w/the credit card. lol GG!