Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On Daniel's Stocking

When my mom and dad were married, she made a special Christmas stocking for him. It was a pair of Santa Pants, made from felt, and had Tyrie written on the leg. They were adorable and I loved them when I was little.

When I was 10, my parents divorced. Mom kept the Santa pants. She dated some guy I didn't know about that first year, stuck a new piece of felt on, called it a pocket, and wrote his name.

The next year she started dating a man she'd eventually become engaged to (but they didn't ever marry). She added a new patch on top of the old, and wrote his name.

They broke up the year Daniel and I started dating (1998 if you care). So, that year, we added a new patch, wrote Daniel, and they've been his ever since. He LOVES his stocking.

Well, my sister thinks that when she gets married the pants should pass to her husband. Daniel says that they are his until I leave him or kill him(:P) Kelley says it's not fair for her to be left out of the tradition.

Regardless, it's a fun story and they are really cute pants. I'll try to find a picture. Or take one when I get home, as they're hanging on my fireplace. (Unless my sister stole them. She has been there alone with them for 4 days. Oops.)


CaneWife said...

That's a great story!